Junior Prep Dance Workshop - Hurstpierpoint College

Junior Prep Dance Workshop

On Monday 7th November, Reception-Year 2 were involved in a dance workshop led by a professional dancer who specialises in EYFS and Key stage 1 dance education.  Each class learnt a series of motifs and movement ideas related around the theme of Fairy Tales.

Dolphin class used Cinderella as their stimulus. The children entered the grand ballroom to seek their prince. They danced into the night, even trying the waltz in pairs, before dashing off before midnight, leaving their glass slipper behind.

Turtle class were hard at work in the mines whilst singing Heigh Ho! from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. They experimented with different formations, marching to the beat and into lines. The dance was fast paced but the children rose to the challenge.  

Starfish class skipped and climbed as they created scenes from Jack and the Beanstalk. They looked at creative ways to demonstrate the beanstalk growing and how to tell the story through the movement and facial expressions.

The workshop ended with all groups performing their work to each other. The visiting teacher also commented how good the children’s rhythm was! The children were extremely engaged and focused, well done!