It Happens: Year 6 and 7 Puberty Workshop - Hurstpierpoint College

It Happens: Year 6 and 7 Puberty Workshop

Speaking to pupils from Year 6, Laura discussed a range of topics relating to all kinds of relationships, from inclusive families to permission seeking, the beginnings of consent, and important questions like, ‘Who to talk to if there is a problem?’. Laura then led a session with Year 7–‘Your Private Body’–tackling topics such as body image, looking after your body, and what to do if you are worried. For a later session, looking more specifically at ‘The Adolescent Body: Puberty’, the pupils were split into boy-girl groups to encourage a more open Q&A.

Parents were not left out, either, and enjoyed a webinar led by Laura and Zoe Taylor-West, our Prep School Head of PSHE. The webinar focussed dealing with relationships and Sex Education; namely how to protect children and source reliable information on these topics. Very positive feedback was received from the parent body.

Working with Laura from the ‘It Happens’ team ensures that we deliver up to date, dependable information for pupils and parents. The day was a huge success, and pupils and parents left the workshop with greater confidence to talk about puberty and changing relationships. Zoe Taylor-West, Head of PSHCE