Hurst ‘n’ Brie livestreamed from campus - Hurstpierpoint College

Hurst ‘n’ Brie livestreamed from campus

Following the success of last year’s Hurst ‘n’ Brie livestreamed from homes, it made sense to livestream from campus this year. The pupils were fantastic in being flexible with changing venues and running orders, and a fair smattering of rain.

The Fifth form band opened the show with Sophie N, Alfred B and Matthew G performing Grenade by Bruno Mars. Amy K then took the stage alone and played a lovely rendition of Lady Gaga’s Always Remember us this Way. The Remove band were up next. Elroy M and Lexi L were joined at the last minute by Amy K and Sophie N, as they performed an acoustic version of Don’t Stop Believing.

The volume increased as the Lower Sixth band of Hanna S, Charlie T and Harvey B smashed out Back in Black with some soaring guitar solos. Another Lower Sixth band of Fin D C, Elliott M, Jamie Rand Matthew S played Dani California and Don’t Look Back in Anger. They are all looking more and more polished with each gig.

The beauty of the livestream is the ability to watch performances again.