Hurst in REP Returns! - Hurstpierpoint College

Hurst in REP Returns!

This year we had three fantastic Hurst in REP performances. This year’s shows were Jadwiga, Safety in Battle directed by Lexi L, All Change directed by Emma M, and The Lost Ones directed by Katie A and Bella N-S.

Jadwiga, Safety in Battle is based on a real-life story following the experiences of student Lexi L’s late great-grandmother, whom she idolised. Jadwiga, Lexi’s great-grandmother, would always retell her funny short stories about her time during the war before she passed in 2022. This led Lexi to research her family history. She discovered much more and took this opportunity to keep Jadwiga’s story alive.

This musical explores the real-life experiences of Jadwiga and Feliks (Lexi’s great-grandfather). Their story starts in Poland and ends in Storrington. It is a roller coaster ride of love, death, grief, and joy.

My great-grandmother has always been a point of interest in my life. This musical is dedicated to her. Her story of refuge and love always made my ears prick up; I even tried writing a book about her story when I was younger. My great-grandfather, I never knew. I was so excited to learn more about his journey and story through war. WWII has been a historical event in time that fascinates me so I thought this moment would be the best time to learn more about the past and my family history Lexi L, UVI student and director of Jadwiga, Safety in Battle

All Change follows a family left behind after an airport security guard is killed out of revenge. It shows how the people left behind deal with their grief differently. For Jenny, his youngest daughter, this is by trying to change the past.

This play explores the idea of fate and how everything happens for a reason.

Directing this play has been an excellent experience and I hope you enjoy the finished product. Emma M, UVI student and director of All Change

The Lost Ones is a play that focuses on the themes of time, death, grief, and rehabilitation. The play looks at two different time zones where two sets of girls have found, a diary written by two WW1 soldiers and brothers in the attic.

The play follows the girls, some of whom find solace in the diary and in the ghosts of the boys who wrote it, leading to them to search for a better life.

In directing this play, we have had so much fun getting to know new people who all share a love for drama. It has been an amazing experience for us both. Katie A and Bella N-S, UVI students and directors of The Lost Ones