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Hurst Go Golf

Golf at Hurst has steadily increased in popularity over the past 10 years, from a small team of 4 players to groups of 30+ travelling to Burgess Hill driving range for games. Due to the increase in participation, an on-site provision for golf has been installed and it is full of state-of-the-art simulation equipment that allows for all levels of golfers to play and improve, all year-round.

There are six simulators in total, five of which use flightscope technology with GSPro, and one of which uses the highly regarded GC3 from Foresight Sports. This gives the students and coaches access to precise data on each shot, allowing for incredibly accurate simulation and focused coaching.

Each simulator has a selection of golf courses and practice areas to play. From St. Andrews to Augusta, the players can play anywhere in the world, all the while staying on-site with no travel time. The playing format and opponent are easily varied in each session. Whether it be foursomes, matchplay, or stroke play, all aspects of the game can be tested.

This introduction has enabled coaching to be more focused. Not only can the player and coach watch ball flight on the screens, but they can now quickly dig down into detailed club and ball data to determine the root cause of an issue or improve a specific area of the game. All of this means more golf and more progress in our players’ games.

The golf centre has space for up to 24 pupils in one session in the light and warmth, even during the coldest winter months. Having the ability to practice chipping and putting indoors when the ground is wet or frozen outside means that our players can stay sharp during winter to prepare for the summer season.

Golf at Hurst continues to grow, and the addition of a bespoke on-site facility will only accelerate this growth. Will Carroll, Head of Golf