Hockey Tour to Bath - Hurstpierpoint College

Hockey Tour to Bath

On the last weekend of the Lent Term, the boys’ and girls’ 1st XI Hockey teams travelled to Bath on tour, with over 20 parents also making the trip West. The boys kicked off the tour with a 3-2 win against Elizabeth from Guernsey and a 4-0 win against Lord Wandsworth. The girls followed this up with arguably their best performance of the season – with a 10-0 win against Monkton Coombe. Following up on their incredible win, the girls were more determined than ever and won 3-1 against Lord Wandsworth.

That evening to celebrate their success, both teams all went out for dinner but ensured they still got a good night’s sleep ready for the final day of games. On the second day, both squads played again, with the boys winning their match 3-1, winning three out of three of their matches! The girls had two games on day two, and still won both of their matches 1-0, winning four out of four games.

The tour was a fantastic time for both squads to come together and support one another. This will be a tour that all will remember and a perfect way to end the season, especially for the U6th. Rob Sorrell, Head of Hockey