Giselle Dance Showcase - Hurstpierpoint College

Giselle Dance Showcase

The most visible event in the dance calendar during Michaelmas term was the Dance Showcase, based on Akram Khan’s retelling of the original classical ballet, Giselle. Khan’s version is adapted to portray the circumstances of a community of migrant workers. The story reflects the marginalisation of people seeking security in places inaccessible to them behind literal and metaphorical walls, as well as containing themes of love, betrayal and redemption. 

The lead role of Giselle was danced by Margret B who perfectly captured her character’s sense of resilience and defiance in the face of oppression, mixed with vulnerability and passion towards her lover, Albrecht, played by Willem P. Willem also more than met the challenge of his role, especially as he had little prior dance experience and in this he represents the inclusive ethos of the dance department. 

Another outstanding performance was by Ziggy T who exuded a hypnotic sense of power and strength to portray the treacherous character, Hilarion.

Other notable dancers were Lottie A, Belle P and Chloe T who all played the role of Queen of the Ghosts and presented their personalised interpretations of this vengeful, bitter and restless soul of the Underworld.

The success of the Dance Showcase, however, is not solely based on the strength of its lead dancers. The narrative simply would not have held together were it not for the dedication of the ensemble, who were unfailing in their commitment to their roles and their belief in the importance of the story’s message.

To those who were behind the scenes, we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and in particular, to Miss Cappella as rehearsal assistant and stage manager, to Mr Bohanna for his contribution to the choreography, the amazing tech team, including Matthew Gale, and as always, Miss Ocky for her sewing prowess.


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