Fully supportive of Black Lives Matter - Hurstpierpoint College

Fully supportive of Black Lives Matter

Hurst College is fully supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement and recognises the need for everyone to take an active stance against racism wherever it may occur.

The issues raised by the death of George Floyd has motivated the college to examine its curriculum, culture and diversity programmes. The college recognises its responsibility as a community to educate young men and women not only in the issues and history of racism and its causes but also to encourage them to always take action against racism, whatever form it may take, and wherever it may arise.

The tragic death of George Floyd has focused our minds on what we do, the privilege we may have and the action required to prevent such terrible abuse happening again. The college’s initiative will be managed by Jami Edwards-Clarke, Housemistress of Fleur, but of course, every member of staff will be engaged and the leadership will come from the top including, of course, the Headmaster.