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Exercise talon leader

Senior CCF NCOs and cadets put skills to test at fieldcraft weekend

With the potential for up to two inches of rain over the course of 24 hours, what else would you want to do with your weekend other than put your skills to the test on a demanding and extremely wet CCF fieldcraft exercise? 

Well, that’s exactly what a group of brave Senior NCOs and Senior Cadets did when they signed up to Exercise Talon Leader – designed to test leadership ability, fieldcraft skills and a cadet’s reaction to high pressure and demanding scenarios. The added damp factor ensured that the cadets’ housekeeping skills were also put to the test in looking after their kit and ensuring it stayed dry. 

The weekend involved multiple night ambushes in pitch black darkness and navigating with the use of catching features to trap a live enemy force in order to complete the mission. Unfortunately, the cadets’ harbour location was discovered and they were awoken abruptly by gunfire at 0545, but fortunately, Colour Sergeant Fursdon and Cadet White were on sentry duty and kept the harbour safe, returning a heavy amount of fire, while Colour Sergeant Henshaw ably commanded the firefight from the centre. With the enemy deterred and broken, their 24 hours culminated in a morning of attacks against the last remaining enemy with each offering differing ground and scenarios.

“The exercise was a brilliant success – our cadets walked away a bit damp but with a vast amount of experience and more practical knowledge than when they started. They are now our most experienced and battle-hardened cadets in the CCF! Well done to all who took part for a fantastic 24 hours,” Major Sam Amos, CCF Contingent Commander.