Eventing Festival at Stonar School - Hurstpierpoint College

Eventing Festival at Stonar School

The Hurst equestrian team recently travelled to Stonar School to compete in a one-day eventing competition. 

The competition consisted of three phases – dressage, cross-country and show jumping – and was an exciting new addition to Hurst’s equestrian calendar. Our riders were delighted to show off their skills and were challenged by the technical cross-country course created specially for this event. They also produced exemplary dressage tests, impressing the judges and putting the Hurst team on the map as a serious contender.

As the results came in, Chloe A produced a faultless show jumping round and an even more impressive cross-country ride. This placed her second overall in the British Eventing 100cm section, an impressive achievement. Finley B-H and Harriet B also displayed some strong riding throughout the day and should be proud of their efforts.

A fantastic result for Hurst and a wonderful opportunity for the students to compete further afield. 

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While we took home some fantastic results, it is clear each rider benefitted from the experience gained from the event, a great effort all round! Jack Court, Head of Hurst Equestrian