Dracula The Musical - Hurstpierpoint College

Dracula The Musical

‘It’s a novel that singlehandedly transformed and shaped our modern notion of vampirism. Vampire is Dracula, Dracula is vampire’ – Caitlin Whiteley, Teacher of English.

Bram Stoker’s infamous Count Dracula (1987)—said to be based on 15th Century ruler ‘Vlad the Impaler’—debuted as a musical in 2001, though saw its very first performance on Hurst’s New Bury stage last week. Themes running throughout the novel epitomise the fears prevailing throughout 19th Century Victorian society—immorality, evil, foreignness—making it quite fitting that the play, according to Director of Music Neil Matthews, boasts a score which instantly transports its audience to a ‘bleak Transylvanian landscape’.

A story which tackles the timeless themes of horror, passion, life and death, lust and bloodless, it was set to be a roaring, dramatic success. The cast, stage crew, and directing staff certainly delivered, doing justice to the work of three greats: Frank Wildhorn (who also wrote scores for famous musicals such as Jekyll & Hyde and Carmen, as well as popular titles for Witney Houston), Don Black, and Christopher Hampton.

Congratulations to the cast who, in the works of Director of Drama Luke Gasper, ‘threw themselves into the challenge of balancing highly emotive lyrics and a “Eurovisionesque” musical sound world, keeping hold of the elements of horror that are so synonymous with the story whilst avoiding the trapdoor of the Hanmer era or Sesame Street’. A special mention goes to those students who held principal roles: Henry B, Lexi L, Sam DC, Daisy B, Katie K, Ollie A, Finn P, Daniel C.

An excellent achievement all round for the entire student cast, stage crew, and Drama department.

We look forward to our upcoming productions this year, including Seussical The Musical! Tickets can be booked now on our Box Office site.