Diversity and inclusion engagement - Hurstpierpoint College

Diversity and inclusion engagement

Each pupil and each staff member is working towards better educating themselves on diversity and inclusion as a whole school objective for 2020-21. The aim is to enhance their understanding, acceptance and interest in every form of diversity and create a culture of inclusion to last a lifetime – both within and outside of school.

On Monday, six members of staff volunteered to talk in a TEDx-style assembly to the Fifth Form. Topics were as wide-ranging as Body diversity and diet culture to Everyday ignorance and Empathy for emotional poverty. Fifth Form students then led their tutor group follow-up discussions and written feedback in tutorials before providing and exploring examples from their own life where diversity and inclusion has been a key theme.

Our hope is that students will feel empowered and confident to be the speakers next time! A public thanks to the speakers who volunteered and to the Fifth Formers for being a brilliant audience Simon Lilley, Head of Fifth Form