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Dancing in the storm

Students dancers collaborate with professional dancers for Hurst Festival

As part of this year’s Hurst Festival, student dancers collaborated with professional dancers from renowned company, James Wilton Dance.

Over a period of just two days, the 10 students – girls and boys, ranging from Remove to Upper Sixth – embarked on an intense period of rehearsal with company dancers Norikazu Aoki and Ollie Robertson, to create an emotionally powerful curtain raiser based on James Wilton’s The Storm.

Via a movement style, that displays a whirlwind of lightning fast athleticism, and a fusion of acrobatics, break dancing, martial arts and contact work, the piece poses such questions as: In the storm can you find peace? Can you find the eye of the storm? Will it all blow over?

“Proving themselves more than capable of meeting the challenge that such demanding choreography requires, the student dancers presented a poignant performance that both themselves, James Wilton Dance and the college can be proud of and is further testament to the ever-increasing standard of dance at Hurst,” Nicola Dominy, Head of Dance.