Cuckfield Bookfest - Hurstpierpoint College

Cuckfield Bookfest

A group of Sixth Form students and staff attended a talk by political sketch writer, John Crace, as part of the Cuckfield Bookfest. 

Sponsored by the College, this was a wonderful opportunity to hear first-hand about the machinations in Westminster by the person who coined the description ‘Maybot’. Mr Crace was, as expected, funny and acerbic and had the audience laughing out loud at his assessment of the Seaborne Freight ferry fiasco. 

During the question and answer session Upper Sixth Former Annie asked what his message would be to young people who are starting to lose hope. Mr Crace said that he would, firstly, apologise but also felt that events in Westminster had increased young people’s awareness of politics which could only be a good thing. He ended on a note of hopefulness that maybe young people will, in the end, sort out the mess we have found ourselves in. 

Certainly, the audience really appreciated our young people attending the event and felt this gave them some hope for the future. Afterwards Mr Crace signed copies of his books I, Maybot and Decline and fail – reading it on the way home certainly cheered up an otherwise dreary afternoon. 

Dominique Collins, Head of Library