Cuckfield Bookfest - Hurstpierpoint College

Cuckfield Bookfest

On Sunday 8 October, Hurst Classics pupils and staff enjoyed a trip to the Cuckfield Book Festival. They were all delighted to have front-row seats to hear the renowned author and broadcaster, Natalie Haynes, discuss her new book Divine Might.

Natalie offered an engaging, witty insight into a world of ancient Greek goddesses, their relationships, strengths, and weaknesses. She delved into some of the more obscure myths surrounding these goddesses, and even agreed to discuss the goddess, Hestia; a particular favourite of one of our students!

It was a fantastic opportunity for our students to learn from Natalie’s expertise on Greek mythology and to explore these stories through a modern lens. Natalie’s feminist spin on these tales shows us why they are still so relatable and fascinating today.