Classics at the British Museum - Hurstpierpoint College

Classics at the British Museum

Sixth Form Classics students explored the British Museum and were thrilled to see the Parthenon marbles up close. They were all surprised at the size and level of detail carved by the sculptors. The visit prompted our students to enthusiastically engage with the ongoing debate as to whether these marbles should be returned to Athens.

After exploring the Parthenon offerings at the British Museum, the students then searched for other artefacts relevant to their course. They found the votive offering to Asclepius to be surprisingly small and the Greek vases depicting Greek Theatre superbly detailed.

Not only was it an enjoyable experience for all but it was invaluable in bringing the subject to life and reminding the students of the material afterlife of the classical world Clemmie Faulkner, Head of Classics

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