Chapel care packages - Hurstpierpoint College

Chapel care packages

The chaplaincy team recently sent each pupil a spiritual survival pack to maintain the sense of community during the period of remote learning.

The Chapel is at the heart of the Hurst campus and community, and is normally the place where Senior School students start and finish their week. It is also plays an important part of the school week for Prep and Pre-Prep pupils. During this period of remote learning, the college has worked hard to keep the much-valued sense of community, and the chaplaincy team’s idea to send care packages was to serve as a reminder to pupils that although they are physically separated, the sense of community still remains.

Each spiritual care package was designed to encourage pupils to take time for themselves, to be away from the screen and to reflect. Senior School packs contained tea lights, incense sticks, cards, tea bags, wooden crosses and erasers. Prep School pupils received notepads, pens, cards and wooden crosses; whilst the Pre-Prep packs included multi-coloured wax crayons, colouring in sheets, cards and wooden crosses.

We were delighted by the response from the pupils, who sent us photographs, cards and drawings. They have certainly confirmed to us that no matter where we are, we are all part of the Hurst community Janneke Blokland, Chaplain and Jonny Womack, Assistant Chaplain