CCF STEM Challenge - Hurstpierpoint College

CCF STEM Challenge

Two promising cadets take part in activities, presentations and hands-on experiences

During half term, Hurst CCF sent two of its most promising cadets on the fantastic Exercise STEM Challenge. 

This camp takes place over the course of a week and becomes the base for 260 cadets from across the country to take part in activities, presentations and hands-on challenges with some of the Army’s latest and most advanced equipment. The aim of the camp is to demonstrate to cadets how their STEM-based lessons transfer across to the real world and to instil a passion for STEM which could potentially lead to a successful career not just in the British Army but wider industry. 

Cadet T Mellor and Cadet R Abbs-Burton both attended this year and took part in a wide range of activities. They attended the Army Land Combat Power demonstration where they saw a fully mechanised attack move in and clear an “enemy” held village, and were hands-on with some fantastic equipment including air-to-ground missile systems, armoured personnel carriers and much more. Cadets then had the chance to speak to regular personnel about their roles and life in the Army and before they joined the Army.

“A great week for all of those involved and I will definitely be looking to send more cadets next year!”, Sam Amos, CCF Contingent Commander.