CCF Stealth Exercise - Hurstpierpoint College

CCF Stealth Exercise

44 cadets from the Vth CCF deployed to Tangier Woods to take part in the annual Stealth Exercise.

The objective of the exercise was to the test cadets in their ability to navigate stealthily whilst completing various tasks in a challenging environment. This year the environment was not only different, taking place in a block of woodland just outside Tunbridge Wells instead of on school grounds but it was also -3 degrees outside, a real test for all involved in both their skills and determination to succeed.

Cadets took part in tasks such as stalking enemy positions, finding out key information without being seen or heard. One cadet managed to get so close they could touch the enemy without being noticed! Others stands included shelter building in the pitch black, and another involved trying out Night Vision Equipment loaned to the CCF by 3rd Battalion Princess of Wales Royal Regiment in Brighton.

All those in attendance had a great time and learned a lot about not only how to operate in the dark but themselves, through pushing their limits and testing their resilience.

Thank you to all the cadets and staff who attended, we look forward to next year. Sam Amos, CCF Contingent Commander