CCF Range Day - Hurstpierpoint College

CCF Range Day

On Wednesday 28 February as part of Vth Form Service Day the Vth CCF Platoon participated in a range day at ATR Pirbright. Cadets have been training on the rifles for many weeks and had recently passed their weapon handling tests. The shoot that the cadets took part in consisted of a 100m Group and Zero to ensure that they were hitting the target centrally, followed by an advanced application of fire. Firing at falling targets and using the rapid rate of fire, all at 100m.

There were also background stands run by other CCF Officers including a Judging Distance stand, ideal to teach on a 600m range and a mock Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear Defence (CBRN) stand where cadets had to learn to defend themselves against a cloud of Lynx Africa.

Top shots of the day were Cadets Percy M (140mm Group), Ben A (150mm Group), Ethan F-B (150mm Group) and Rufus H (150mm Group). Well done on earning your marksman badges. All other cadets in attendance scored well enough to earn their Trained Shot Badge which they will receive on parade soon to sew onto their uniforms.


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Thank you to all the staff involved and well done to the cadets who attended, the Range Staff were very impressed with how you behaved and conducted yourselves. Maj. Sam Amos