CCF Exercise - Hurstpierpoint College

CCF Exercise

On the last weekend of March, the Fifth Form Cadets and Lower Sixth NCO’s deployed to Pippingford Park training area to complete the final training and assessment phase for the advanced fieldcraft syllabus. Cadets took part in Section Attacks with blank ammunition as well as a stalk, attempting to sneak up on the Contingent Commander Major Amos through dense woodland, some were very successful with Corporal Ned B and Cadet Masha S getting within 15 metres before being seen!

That evening the cadets were given orders to disrupt an enemy supply route which the Platoon Commander Cpl Tom N decided they would ambush. The Ambush was planned and rehearsed as day turned to night before cadets deployed. The Ambush was extremely successful, with all demonstrating a thorough understanding of the tactical concept. Cadets returned to their shelters ready for a good night’s rest.

Early that morning the rain started, with cadets waking to the sight of rivers flowing through their harbour areas and some cadets waking up slightly soggy. Morale, however, was high and despite the exercise ending a couple of hours early all cadets completed the training objectives and should be extremely proud of their efforts.