CCF Biennial Inspection - Hurstpierpoint College

CCF Biennial Inspection

Once every two years, the Hurst CCF is required to host a Biennial Review, to ensure that we are meeting all of the required standards. It takes a huge amount of planning, since the CCF must show its best self and the full extent of training that takes place.

In addition to showcasing the training sessions, a formal parade took place in the Inner Quad, involving the entire Contingent, demonstrating the unit’s impressive size, dress, and standards. This year’s parade was commanded by Sgt Tom N, and the Hurst banner was carried by Tess W. The inspecting officer was Lt Col Charlie Field, who is himself a Hurst OJ and the former Regimental Sergeant Major of the Hurst CCF. After speaking to the cadets, Lt Col Field then presented the Sword of Honour to Cadet Warrant Officer Harry Sargant, in recognition of all of his hard work and dedication to the CCF over the past several years. The sword was kindly dedicated to Hurst by Pooley Swords, the last military sword maker in the UK.

Following the parade, Lt Col Field was shown a variety of different training sessions, from Remove Royal Navy taking part in STEM based command tasks to LVI NCO’s being taught how to plan the lessons that they would be delivering the following week. The cadets answered questions from guests and offered valuable feedback as part of the process.

Overall, it was a very successful day with all involved putting on a great event to showcase the CCF and the positive impact it has on the students’ lives. The Hurst CCF would like to thank Lt Col Field for attending as inspecting officer, and I would like to personally thank all of the Officers and Cadets for their efforts on the day. Sam Amos, CCF Contingent Commander