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Broadening creative outlooks

Lower Sixth Art and Photography students take inspiring trip to Tate Modern

On a beautiful and bright autumnal day, the Lower Sixth Art and Photography students caught the train to Blackfriars for a fascinating and inspiring trip to the Tate Modern. 

The experience was valuable in broadening their creative outlook before embarking on their individual coursework and personal investigations for their A-levels. Whilst the Art students gathered valuable primary research the Photography students were able to implement new photographic techniques and shoot their first analogue film to develop back in the darkroom. 

The students were encouraged to visually engage with the environment surrounding the Tate Modern, practicing their compositional and formal element photography skills whilst shooting 35mm black and white film. The bright and clear skies provided the perfect conditions to document the bold, modernist structure of the gallery and the dynamic lines of the Millennium Bridge.

Throughout the day both art and photography students were able to soak up an array of modern and contemporary artists including Nan Goldin, Olafur Eliasson and Michael Snow. 

“The trip facilitated the opportunity to experience a rich display of art and photography that will influence and allow for the students to make valuable connections between the artists and their own growing creative ideas and motivations,” Anna Stafford, Teacher of Photography.