STEM SLAM returns! - Hurstpierpoint College

STEM SLAM returns!

Following the success of last year’s STEM SLAM presentation evening, the Science department launched a return of the event on Tuesday 12 March 2024. Held as part of the school’s celebration of British Science Week, the evening included talks from six brilliant external speakers who all work in different areas of STEM.

The speakers included:

Dr Zahid Pranjol – Biomedical Sciences Lecturer from the University of Sussex

Jane Naylor – Government Statistician

Oliver Coombe-Tennant – Gene Therapy PhD student from the Institute of Child Health, Great Ormond Street

Paul Mellors – TV and radio transmitter technician from Arqiva

James Rowley – Chemical Biology PhD student working in medicine design

Laura Brown – PhD student working in forensic explosives and explosion investigation

All speakers provided pupils and parents with an exciting insight into their education and career path within STEM. This included details of their current research and day to day work. Pupils left the New Bury Theatre with a greater understanding of the breadth of opportunities available to them in STEM and inspired to explore the opportunities further.

Read about last years STEM Slam here.

We firmly believe one of the best ways to help young people to make the best choices for their future is to show the breadth and depth of careers on offer. We are very much looking forward to hosting the STEM Slam annually to explore more careers within Design, Engineering, Computing, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Maths. Naomi Smith, Head of Physics