Brentwood Model United Nations 2023 - Hurstpierpoint College

Brentwood Model United Nations 2023

With the Lower Sixth having broken the barrier of completing their first conference, a new challenge awaited in BREMUN2023; a smaller, yet more engaging conference for both the Lower and Upper Sixth.

This being a two-day conference, the Committee meetings and General Assembly both were substantially longer. Amongst some Hurst representatives pre-conference, there were fears this would cause the conference to drag out and be less entertaining than the last. On what was a rare occasion, they were wrong.

During the committee meetings, the Upper Sixth demonstrated their experience, teaching the younger students some valuable lessons, and really setting a high standard for them to meet, which was met by an enthusiastic class of future MUN experts. Both ages showed great passion, and the Lower Sixth improved significantly throughout the course of the two days, as a result of growing confidence.

Some thrilling debates formed between the likes of Seb L (LVIth, Turkey) & Sam O (UVIth, America), and Chris O (LVIth, Israel) & Sam D C (UVIth, North Korea) during our committee meetings. Two of said delegates went on to win honourable mentions, to contribute towards seventeen of Hurst’s 17 awards for the conference.

A huge congratulations to the following for their well-deserved awards; (in no particular order) Andres RG, Lauren M, Sam DC, Sanne J, Harry C-S, Ellis B, Sam OC, Oliver M, Bella L, Daisy G, Tom P, Milo R-P, Victoria F, Bella N-S, Sophie G, Josh E, and Ed G.

In conclusion, this can be seen as a massively beneficial & successful conference for all, as everyone got involved, and really gained something from this opportunity. Nathaneal A, student