Brain of Hurst - Hurstpierpoint College

Brain of Hurst

The First Annual Brain of Hurst competition took place at lunchtime on Monday 19th June. Students were faced with 30 “Top House” style questions, answering individually to try and score as high as possible. Questions included:

To which former state did the current countries of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina belong?, 

Who was the Greek equivalent of the Roman god of wine, Bacchus? 

and Which composer wrote the set of violin concerti known as The Four Seasons?. 

The overall winner was Laurence C from the Vth Form who scored a very strong 25/30, and won a trip to an Escape Room, as well as the coveted Brain of Hurst title. Year group winners were also awarded, with Jem D (Shell), Claudia K and Charlotte L (Remove), Sam di C and Luther B (LVI) and Lauren B (Upper Sixth) taking a Quiz Book prize. 

This event rounded off a great quizzing year at Hurst in which there have been 4 Top House competitions, 31 weekly quizzes attracting close to 4000 entries, and 2 rounds of Schools Challenge.