Bowles Activity Centre trip - Hurstpierpoint College

Bowles Activity Centre trip

Year 5 and 6 pupils enjoyed a great day out at Bowles Activity Centre near Tunbridge Wells.

They all took part in rock climbing on the natural sandstone outcrop. The climbs were very challenging in places but the pupils were hugely supportive of each other and everyone reached the top.

The children also had the opportunity to ski on the dry slope course. There were many advanced skiers in both year groups who enjoyed developing their skills and taking part in slalom races. Those who had never skied before were given lessons on the nursery slope and, despite a few falls at the beginning and some spectacular tangles of legs on the button lift, the children progressed incredibly quickly and were snowploughing down the slope by the end of the session.

We were incredibly proud of the pupils and it was so lovely to have the opportunity to take them on a school trip once more Alexandra Oakden, Head of Years 3-6

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