Beach volleyball belles in Brighton - Hurstpierpoint College

Beach volleyball belles in Brighton

There is no doubt that the prospect of an outing in a pandemic world casts a buzz of excitement throughout the air, but the volleyball event for Shell students in Fleur house exceeded all expectations.

We all know that endorphins are released when we exercise – and we really did – I for one, was stiff the next day.  Even on the bus ride there was a lovely atmosphere which was a breath of fresh air from the vacuum of socialising we have all been living in. Fuelled with gustatory glee from our ice creams – vanilla clotted cream being a popular choice – we were sorted into teams and the tournament commenced.

The evening was certainly like a painting, as we watched the murmuration weave around the hazy pink sunset. The undulating sound of the sea was calming, but this did not restrict our zealousness when it came to playing for our teams. And yes, perhaps our neighbours may have grown tired of having to throw back stray volleyballs that fell victim to our rather enthusiastic hits, but after an hour you would have had to drag us off the courts.

We owe Mrs Edwards-Clarke, Ms McShane and all organisers of the beach volleyball trip a massive thank you. It was the evening we had all been wishing for - and more Cara McDade, Shell student, Fleur house

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