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Ardingly Cross Country Relays

A mild Friday afternoon greeted our Year 7 & 8 runners as they arrived at Ardingly for their cross-country relay. Teams of 6 (1 boys’ team, 1 girls’ team) took it in turns to run one lap of the wet, boggy, and hilly course, before tagging the next runner in their team. The first team to have all their runners complete a lap was crowned the winner. It was an exciting spectacle for spectators.

The girls’ race was first, and Hurst was led off by Ciara O who established a near one-minute lead over the rest of the field before the end of her lap. Emma B and Esme M worked hard to maintain the lead along with Minnie G and Clementine L-S. Amelie W was on Hurst’s final leg and only had about a 30-second lead at the start of her lap. Roared on by the Hurst contingent, Amelie set a blistering time and the Hurst girls won their race by a mighty two minutes and six seconds.

In the boys’ race, there was a constant battle for third and fourth place as Ardingly and Windlesham sped away for the gold and silver medals. Eventually, the boys came fourth.

The overall cup, only ever won by Ardingly in the past, is awarded to the fastest school when the times of both the boys and girls are added together.

Due to the girls’ large winning margins and the boys’ consistency near the podium, Hurst won the overall competition by 46 seconds. An astounding achievement!

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A brilliant competition as always so thank you to Ardingly for organising. Ben Dewey, Head of Y3-8 Boys Sport