Andrew Griffith MP visit - Hurstpierpoint College

Andrew Griffith MP visit

Last Friday, the College was delighted to welcome Andrew Griffith MP to speak to Lower Sixth and Fifth Form students.

Andrew, MP for Arundel and South Downs, fielded questions on a variety of topics, ranging from referendums to quantitative easing, the race-report, and COVID-19 lockdowns.

The students were united in their praise for this event with Andrew Griffith:

“This genuinely was the best event I have attended in my time at Hurst. It was both educational and fun, and I also thought Andrew Griffith was very well educated without being condescending. Really appreciate the opportunity,” Ralph A B

“I thought he was very interesting and it was good to hear from a direct source how life is as an MP,” Will C

“It was so interesting. A little bit of political spin but his answers seemed very genuine,” Saoirse O

“It was very good and entertaining to see a real MP, to hear about what he does and how he argues his points,” Harry L

“The talk was absolutely incredible, I really enjoyed it. I would love more of these talks in the future, and it would be great for Andrew Griffith to return soon,” Charles B

“He was very interesting and gave great responses to some very tough questions! He definitely had some challenging and controversial subjects thrown at him. As I expected, he did skip around some questions, but I guess that is the classic MP move. I very much enjoyed his visit, it gave me some new outlooks on different topics,” Sophie S S

This was an invaluable experience for both years, providing a breadth of new evidence for them to use in their essays. It was also great to see students so engaged with politics! Kieran Nash, Teacher of Politics

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