Adventure activity day at Hindleap Warren - Hurstpierpoint College

Adventure activity day at Hindleap Warren

Yesterday, Year 3 pupils enjoyed a fantastic day taking part in some amazing adventure activities at Hindleap Warren Outdoor Centre, set amongst 300 acres of woodland in the East Sussex countryside.

As pupils set off in the school minibuses, the weather was beautiful, sunny and warm – a trait which continued throughout the day. At the centre, group leaders took charge and pupils spent the day participating in three separate activities – team building, climbing and making shelters.

In the team building exercises, the pupils had to work together to solve different challenges – from getting everyone across a ‘crocodile swamp’ using only five tyres to negotiating a ball around a tricky wooden maze by holding on to the edges of the maze.

Despite some initial nerves everyone had a turn at climbing and those who reached the top of the climbing wall were rewarded with a peek at a swift’s nest in the eaves. The children learned how to tie knots and constructed shelters using a few set materials and whatever they could forage in the woods.

Communication and planning were vital and our pupils really impressed the team leaders at the centre. It was a very constructive day and everyone slept on the way home Sarah Deelman, Teacher of Year 3

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