A Trip to the Science Museum - Hurstpierpoint College

A Trip to the Science Museum

We recently organised a remarkable trip to the Science Museum in London for eight outstanding pupils who excelled in Citizenship throughout the year. These students delved into various topics, including politics, finance, and world events, and were rewarded with an immersive and enlightening day.

Highlights of the trip included a captivating 3D IMAX experience showcasing our planet’s beauty and the threats it faces. The pupils also explored the museum’s new COVID and Vaccines exhibit, gaining insights into the science behind pandemics and the development of vaccines.

A private Q&A session with an infectious disease technician added an exciting dimension to the trip. The students learned about science-based careers and gained a deeper understanding of the realities of working and researching in the sciences.

The trip left our pupils inspired and equipped with newfound knowledge. We extend our gratitude to the Science Museum for providing this invaluable learning experience. It reinforced the importance of Citizenship education and ignited a passion for science in our students.