A New Hurst Tradition - Hurstpierpoint College

A New Hurst Tradition

In aid of Movember, staff took on students in an exciting game of football to raise money and awareness around male mental health.

Despite the frost, the atmosphere was warm as the women stepped out onto West Astro. The teams, comprising of Upper Sixth girls and female staff, were undeterred by the cold, moving with a sense of urgency on the ball from the very first whistle.

Miss Saville (in goal for the staff) made a series of excellent saves preventing the likes of Eliza D and Libby B from securing an early lead. The staff continued to build from the back, playing the ball through midfield; Dr Blokland was unwavering, allowing Miss Hierro to make an excellent run, earning the staff their first goal. The students were not on the back foot for long. Miss Hartley’s foul of Immi P gave the students a free kick on the edge of the box as Ted C’s right foot proved unstoppable, resulting in 1-1.

Both teams started the second half well, although Miss Lewis and Miss Radford’s partnership proved unbeatable, securing a second goal for the staff early on, despite the defensive work of Sophie S-S. The students persevered on the counter attack and, although challenged by the staff’s defensive back four, upon entering the box Daisy M managed to equalise with only minutes to spare. A fantastic, well-balanced game finishing on a 2-2 draw. 

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