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Sport is an important part of the curriculum across all age groups. We believe that teaching children sports skills from an early age will help prepare them for healthy, active lifestyles and show them how enjoyable and varied sports can be.

PE Programme

The Pre-Prep PE programme includes Swimming, Gymnastics, Dance and Games. All our lessons are taught by specialist PE teachers, including fully trained swimming instructors.

PE lessons take place both inside and outside, where children learn movement, ball skills, co-ordination, manipulation, control and co-operation.


Our pupils have one swimming lesson per week, in small groups in the college swimming pool. Lessons are geared towards gaining confidence in the water and developing competent stroke techniques.

Beyond the Curriculum

Pupils also have one lesson of games each week, when they further develop their basic skills by taking part in fun sports activities. They also learn about safety, self-expression and teamwork.

Within and beyond the curriculum, our exceptional sports teaching, coaching and mentoring ensures our young pupils receive the guidance and confidence they need to explore and enjoy new sports and activities throughout their childhood.

Year 2 also have the opportunity to take part in sporting events with children from other schools.