Academic school life is the keystone of a Hurst education. We are ambitious for all of our pupils and are committed to supporting each child to be the very best that he or she can be. Pupils are known and valued for everything that they are as well as for the contribution they make to the school community.

Inspirational teaching lies at the centre of our pupils’ academic experience. A broad and balanced curriculum is delivered by excellent, enthusiastic teachers whose absolute priority is to ensure that our children are consistently engaged and stimulated. Lessons are carefully tailored to meet the needs of each class or group, to ensure that every child is appropriately challenged and to encourage a life-long love of learning.

At Hurst Prep, academic value is placed on an education which takes the best from traditional and modern methods. Classes are taught in an ordered environment with structured lessons designed to stretch and challenge every child. A variety of teaching methods are used to ensure that every type of learner performs to his/her best ability.

We believe Hurst Prep School is a special place where children learn, grow and develop in the safe, caring and happy environment we provide.

Curriculum and timetable

Years 3 to 6

Years 7 and 8

Assessment and monitoring