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Head of Prep School Welcome

Ian Pattison head of prepHurst Prep is a co-educational day school for pupils from 4 to 13 years of age. The school is divided into a Pre-Prep (Reception to Year 2) and Prep (Years 3 to 8).

As a genuine through-school (freed from the pressures and constraints of common entrance) we can focus on developing the essential skills and knowledge the children will need as they move through the school, as well as encouraging a real love for learning. So whether the children join us in Reception, Year 3, or any time in between, we will be with them for the rest of their educational journey from child to adult.

Hurst is a place of learning, where the children feel secure, where they are supported, known and valued as individuals, and are happy to challenge themselves to improve every day.

The Prep and Pre-Prep is housed in a separate building from the Senior School, allowing us to be our own pastoral community in which the children thrive. At the same time we can share in the outstanding facilities within the college, such as the new theatre and sports facilities, that not only enhance the children’s learning, but provide a wealth of opportunities for even our youngest pupils.

Add the busy and focused rhythm of school life and the shared experiences of our close community and you have a very special environment in which children grow and develop. The opportunities we offer are simply outstanding. 

We hope you will come to visit our school to find out more about what we can offer your child. I would be delighted to meet you and your family, show you the school and answer any questions you may have.

Ian Pattison
Head of the Prep School