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Senior School Life

Senior School Life

Hurst Senior School is a co-educational day, flexi and weekly boarding school for pupils from 13 to 16 years of age.

Pupils usually join our Senior School in Year 9 (called Shell), although they can transfer from other schools in Year 10 (called Remove), subject to availability and compatibility of subjects/exam boards. After GCSE, most Fifth Form (Year 11) pupils graduate to our Sixth Form to study A-level courses.


The School operates a two week timetable which means that lessons for every pupil will be different in week A to week B. This timetable allows us to maximise the use of academic time, structure more time for sport and extra-curricular activities, especially for the younger age groups, and create a better rhythm to the working week. Academic lessons take place in the first four to six hours of the day whilst sport and activities take place in the afternoons.


Hurst is a friendly and warm community with a genuine family feel, especially in the houses, which are key to the school’s structure. When pupils first enter the Senior School they join one of 12 houses. Chevron, Crescent, Fleur de Lys, Phoenix, Woodard and Wolf are day houses; Eagle, Martlet, Pelican, Red Cross, Shield and Star are flexi and weekly boarding houses. Whether in a day or boarding house, pupils develop a strong sense of house identity and loyalty.

Co-curricular activities

We regard co-curricular activities as being key to the all-round education of every individual pupil. It is our intention that, through such activities, pupils will not only acquire certain skills and develop certain qualities, but will also be introduced to a pastime or hobby which will give them pleasure throughout their lives.

Whether such activities are more physical in nature, service-oriented or cerebral, we believe that pupils in Years 9 and 10 should participate on a compulsory basis, whilst those who are older should have a free choice. However, it is hoped that every pupil will pursue at least one significant activity throughout their time here.

I remember feeling intimidated by how big the school was but then found it comforting. Year 8 pupil