Shell Humanities Day - Hurstpierpoint College

Shell Humanities Day

In the last week of term, Shell enjoyed an off-site ‘Humanities Day’, which saw groups of pupils visiting different locations across London: the Noor Mosque, the British Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the London Docklands.  

At the mosque, REP students really valued the opportunity to learn about some of the key beliefs and practices in Islam, and later went on to enjoy a guided tour of the cathedral. They had the opportunity to meet the Chaplain, ask insightful questions about her Christian faith and role, and were even permitted to lie down in a restricted access zone to have a look at the intricate detail on the ceiling! 

At the Docklands, Shell Geographers headed to the museum in Canary Wharf and explored the geographical and historical significance of trade, urbanisation, and globalisation to the area and city. This immersive experience provided them with valuable insights into the different layers of London’s development, as well as its role in global economic networks. The pupils benefitted greatly from practicing urban fieldwork techniques, which included interviewing local stakeholders, recording urban land use, and sketching the city skyline. The day proved a very valuable first-hand experience of measuring urban regeneration!