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Personal Accident Insurance (All pupils automatically covered):

This insurance provides cover in the event of a serious accident which results in permanent disability, incuding damage or loss of teeth and any associated dental treatment.

Travel Insurance

The College has a blanket policy which covers all pupils travelling with the school, which includes trips abroad and ski trips, etc.  The only activities that are not covered are those classified as dangerous, such as white-water rafting and bungee jumping – and top up cover can be arranged for these if necessary.  A summary sheet detailing the cover provided and the basic terms is available from the Finance office; and every parent should receive a copy in advance of a school trip in case they wish to arrange supplemental cover.  The only insurance arrangements which parents need to make themselves are to ensure their child has a European health Insurance Card for travel to Europe and to ensure that our insurers are advised should their child have a pre-existing medical condition.

There are also some additional insurances and insurance-type products which you may wish to consider which are available through the College under group policies with Marsh.  These include:

Personal Effects Insurance

(cost £8.57 per term) – all pupils in Senior School automatically covered

This insurance provides cover for damage or loss to your child’s personal belongings (except mobile phones) during term time and is recommended if your child has a musical instrument, lap-top computer or expensive sports equipment.  There are limits to the cover provided, details of which (including the excess applicable) are available in the Pupil’s Personal Effects Insurance documents below.

Fees Refund Scheme (FRS):

(cost 0.89% of basic fees per term)

The FRS provides refunds of fees where the pupil is away from the College due to illness or accidental injury for a continuous period of at least 8 days (for full and weekly boarders) or 5 days (day pupils and flexi-boarders) and with a maximum refund period of 3 terms, although pre-existing conditions are not covered.  It includes payment of up to five terms fees on the accidental death of the fee payer(s).

Axa PPP Private Healthcare:

(cost £99.00 per term)

This provides the usual cover for the cost of medical expenses with the usual limitations.  However, pre-existing conditions are covered and no previous medical history is required.

Application forms for these two schemes are sent to all new parents and are also available from the Finance office at any time.

In addition there is School Fees Insurance which is available to parents of children joining the school and which provides life cover together with a critical illness option to meet a large proportion of the pupil’s future fees up to age 18 upon the death of the principal breadwinner.  There are some restrictions to eligibility.  Details of the scheme are sent to all new parents and are available on line at www.sfs-group.co.uk.

Should you have any queries, please telephone the Finance Office on 01273 836913.