Term dates

    Michaelmas term 2018

    Term begins: 
    New Year 9 pupils: Wednesday 29 August (2.00pm)
    New Year 10 pupils: Wednesday 29 August (3.50pm)
    New Year 12 pupils: Wednesday 29 August (4.30pm) - ESL students to arrive at 3.45pm
    All other pupils:
    Boarders: Wednesday 29 August (9.00pm)
    Day pupils: Thursday 30 August (8.20am)

    Half term: Friday 19 October (6.00pm) to Monday 5 November (8.20am)
    Last day of term (Prep & Pre-Prep): Tuesday 11 December (after carol serivce)
    Last day of term (Senior & Sixth Form): Wednesday 12 December (after the carol services)

    Lent term 2019

    Start of term: Thursday 3 January (8.20am)
    Half term: Thursday 14 February (6.00pm) to Monday 25 February (8.20am)
    Last day of term: Thursday 28 March (half day)*
    *Friday 29 March is Sesame event for new Shell (Year 9) pupils and Prep School INSET
    Easter holiday: Thursday 28 March (12.15pm) to Monday 15 April (8.20am)

    Summer term 2019

    Start of term: Monday 15 April (8.20am)
    Bank holidays: Monday 6 May and Monday 27 May
    Half term: Friday 24 May (12.30pm) to Monday 3 June (8.20am)
    Last day of term: Friday 28 June (half day for pupils/staff INSET)

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