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Pelican fly highest in House Shout 2012

House Shout

Pelican House were named winners of the 2012 House Shout competition in the Chapel last night after a two hour whirlwind of musical entertainment.

All ten Senior School Houses, alongside UVI students from St Johns, performed two songs of their choice; firstly as a small ensemble then as entire houses, including teaching staff.

With Eastbourne College's Director of Music, Nick Parran-Smith, as the visiting judge all houses brought unique style and energy to delight both him and the large audience of pupils, teachers and parents.

House Shout House Shout

Whilst named a House Shout, the dynamic range on show was far reaching, making for a night that left the ears ringing only from the rapturous applause.  Stand out acts included Red Cross’ version of The Calling’s Wherever you will go and Woodard’s I wish I was James Bond, by Scouting for Girls; though neither House could take victory on the night.

Finishing in joint second place, Fleur and Shield gave accomplished ensemble performances of Firefly by Ed Sheeran and We are young by Fun respectively. Highlighting their creativity and vocal powers Fleur then harmonised S Club 7’s debut single, Bring it all back, whilst Shield sang Jessie J’s hit Price Tag.

House Shout House Shout

It was a tough decision for the judge but after some consideration, Pelican’s pitch perfect delivery of Titanium by David Guetta and the girls’ enthusiasm as they collectively sang Tina Turner’s Rolling on the River, clinched the title.

Speaking after his adjudicative decision, Nick Parran-Smith said, “I was looking for good singing, good entertainment and a good sense of fun. That was some of the best singing I’ve ever heard in a House competition, anywhere, and definitely the most fun.”

To watch the top ten count down from competition judge, Nick Parran-Smith, please click play below.


Posted 19/10/2012