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Director of Drama – Nicholas Beeby

There has been no shortage of talent on display throughout the Senior School, from the Shell’s first forays into working together in groups in a 3 day workshop to put on reduced versions of Shakespeare plays to the Upper Sixth undertaking their valedictory performance of ‘Beauty and the Beast’. 

Along the way, we have seen the major productions of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Anything Goes’, with the first ever House Film competition taking place in the Lent Term. Those pupils studying Drama at GCSE and Theatre Studies at A Level have taken part in workshops, experienced professional theatre productions and mounted their own examination performances.

That said, it is important to emphasise that drama at Hurst is for all. Opportunities abound for every pupil who so wishes to be involved in some way with Drama, whether it be as a performer, musician, working backstage, designing and creating scenery or as one of the invaluable ‘techies’ who envelop our productions in amazing light and sound. 

The hard work, enthusiasm and determination of all those who play a part in the life of Drama at Hurst constantly delights and impresses; the results speak for themselves.



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The heat is on in Saigon

It has been some years since Hurst put on a musical by Boublil and Schönberg  (namely Les Misérables in 2007) but Miss Saigon (school edition) has certainly been worth the wait.

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The Grass is Greener

"Are you happy? I know I’m not. Let me be your slave." Not a line you hear every day but one intended to summarise the artistic dilemma at the heart of Horatio Gould’s The Grass is Greener.

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