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Head of Dance – Nicola Dominy

Dance is a popular and ever-growing art form at Hurst with boys and girls, of all ages and abilities, encouraged to participate.

Hurst understands and champions Dance as a medium that improves students’ health, fitness, technical, expressive and creative skills, and provides insight into wider contexts, such as gender and cultural studies.

Contemporary dance forms the basis of training at Hurst but there are also numerous opportunities to experience other dance styles ranging from Street Dance, Hip Hop, Breaking, Parkour, Physical Theatre, Jazz and Ballet.

Dance is a compulsory part of the PE curriculum from Pre-Prep through to Shell, both in its own right as a valuable subject and for the value of its transferable skills. It is used as a training tool for our Rugby teams, it forms part of the Shell Arts Carousel and is an option within Games and Activities.

Dance is offered as an examined subject at GCSE and A Level. It appeals to those considering a career in the Performing Arts and links well into further education subjects such as sports science, architecture and even advertising due to the emphasis on lateral thinking.

As part of the extra-curricular programme, the in-house dance companies offer students the opportunity to improve their technical and choreographic skills, as well as gaining performance experience.

Options include:
Force Dance Company   (All years mixed)
Propulsion                      (Boys)
Launch Dance Company (Gifted, Talented and Interested)

Street Dance and Ballet classes are offered by visiting teachers. In all extra-curricular dance sessions, teacher and student-led work is created in preparation for a variety of performance platforms that include the Annual Dance Showcase, Choreographic and Academic Dance sharings, Art and Dance collaborative projects and local dance festivals.

An open mind, enthusiasm, energy and commitment are all that is required to engage with everything that Dance has to offer and enrich further the experience of an education at Hurst.

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