Senior School



It is the people, not the buildings, who make a school and it is how they interact that makes a community. 

Hurst is a very friendly and warm community.  It has a genuine family feel, especially in the Houses, which are key to the School’s structure.  These are small and well-managed by a strong team of Tutors led by a Housemaster or Housemistress.  Whether in a day or boarding House, pupils develop a strong send of House identity and loyalty. 

Hurst pupils are characteristically very supportive of each other and close friendships are often formed which last a lifetime. The strength of the School rests on the strength of these smaller communities and pupils are encouraged to feel secure and happy within them.  At the same time, whilst loyal to their Houses, pupils easily mix with those from other Houses so that there is a relaxed, social atmosphere which extends from House to House and year to year, allowing all the different age groups and communities within the School to mix naturally.  As boys and girls move up through the School, they assume greater responsibilities and enjoy more privileges.  Through the innovative Guardian Scheme, pupils look out for one another and House Prefects take on the role of mentors and coaches.

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Hurst is not an exclusive school and we welcome those of other faiths or of no faith.  Hurst is a Christian foundation and firmly adheres to Christian values.  Founded by the great Victorian educational pioneer, Nathaniel Woodard, Hurst promotes the Christian ethos and the sense that there is a spiritual dimension to all our lives.  Pupils are given the opportunity to be confirmed as members of the Anglican Church, should they so wish.  We do aim that each pupil will leave us having at least begun a journey to faith in some form.

Christian values find expression in the everyday life of the School.  Boys, girls and members of staff value and respect each other.  The School community is strongly supportive of those in need both within and beyond the school gates and, throughout the School, there is an understanding that a sense of right and wrong is important in all our lives, both for its own sake and also for individual happiness and success.

The College Chapel is the heart of Hurst.  It is the one place where the School can meet together both for School services, including  a weekly Eucharist led by the Chaplain, and for other formal and less formal gatherings and celebrations from the awarding of School honours to concerts and debates.