Senior School



Education at Hurst is deliberately outward-looking. 

Activities Activities

The range of activities both during and after School, at weekends and in the holidays, provides many opportunities for our pupils to try new ventures, confront risks and learn from experience.  The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, Combined Cadet Force and Service in the Community all broaden the horizons of our pupils and take them outside the secure and familiar world of School.  In so doing, our pupils are encouraged to develop a sense of duty and responsibility.  They learn how to work both independently and in teams.  They learn how to assess and healthily manage risk rather than avoid it.  They also develop the qualities of persistence and determination when faced with new challenge, whether negotiating their way across a hillside in driving rain, trying to find a camp site, or in coaching a younger pupil.

Activities Activities

Although many of these activities take place very locally, there is also an established pattern of more ambitious trips.  For example, a group of pupils raised money for, and constructed, a dispensary in rural Kenya.  Similarly, another group of pupils went on a conservation project to Honduras to study the local biodiversity.  By getting involved in such projects and making things happen, our pupils gain tremendous experience whilst preparing themselves for the wider world.