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For children of Prep School age, physical activity in whatever form it takes, is an essential element in supporting growth and development. We believe that sport, in its broadest sense, is of immense benefit not just for its own sake; in nurturing both teamwork and talent, it is also a vital part of a properly rounded education.

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Major Games:

Boys - Football, Rugby, Hockey, Cricket

Football in the first half of the Michaelmas term
Rugby in the second half of the Michaelmas and first half of the Lent term
Hockey in the second half of the Lent term
Cricket in the Summer term

Girls - Hockey, Netball, Rounders

Hockey in the Michaelmas term
Netball in the Lent term
Tennis, Athletics and Rounders in the Summer term

Minor Games:

Boys - Squash, Tennis, Athletics, Swimming, Basketball

Girls - Squash, Swimming, Basketball

These sports form the main part of the Games lesson, although some are taught as an extra-curricular activity.