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Forensic CSI at Hurst Prep School


Science labs at Hurst Prep School were transformed into a CSI headquarters this week when a former Metropolitan Police detective visited for a day of fun forensic activities.

25 pupils from Hurst Prep and Pennthorpe School joined to learn about the scientific techniques behind finger printing, chromatography and crime scene analysis, complete with skeletons and tiny clues.

Part of a series of specialist events at Hurst, the day focused on getting the young scientists to be inquisitive, observant and giving them an opportunity to work with other pupils they had not met before.

CSI KIDS CSI KIDSThe boys and girls were dressed in white investigator suits as they used aluminium powder and tape to lift prints, magnifying glasses to identify tiny specimens and evidence bags just like the professionals.

Sharing their ideas about how different crimes occurred, the teams deduced who had robbed a bank, the identity of a person found dead at a scene and ultimately, how the events had unfolded.

CSI KIDSEnsuring that imaginations didn’t run too wildly, Jenny Williams of The Detective Project directed the budding investigators. Jenny commented, “I think they love stepping into the role of being a detective and having a challenge. I’m very much led by their answers and then I can develop the story so that it is enquiry based learning”.

“The pupils here were just so polite. They put their hands up before speaking and they were all so engaged”.

Having solved the day’s mysteries, one Hurst detective said “I thought it was really fun and exciting, I loved it. I think it really helped our science work too”.

Hurst Prep Science teacher, Helen Turley, added, “The children learnt about real life crime stories and asked intelligent questions about the scientists behind the scenes. The day gave them all an opportunity to delve into the unknown”.

Posted on 30/11/2012