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Prep Music Music

  • Choirs
  • Ensembles
  • Concerts
  • Instrumental Lessons


In addition to the Chapel Choir (Years 5 to 8), we also run a Chamber Choir for the more talented singers and musicians (Years 6 to 8). One of our visiting music teachers, directs a secular choir. A choir for all pupils in Years 3 and 4 has recently been successfully instigated; it is timetabled during the school day so that all pupils can attend. The opportunity to sing with the Senior School Chapel Choir is open to older pupils who are able to read music well. We hope that all our pupils will take the opportunity to sing in a choir during their time at Hurst Prep


There are a number of music groups for instrumentalists of all standards to join. These include an orchestra, jazz band, mixed ensemble, brass group, flute group and drum group. More advanced players join the Senior School orchestra. Pupils learning a musical instrument are encouraged to participate in these ensembles to further enrich their musical experiences.

Prep Music Music


There are many opportunities for pupils to perform during the school year and all children are encouraged to willingly participate. Each term every pupil who learns an an individual instrument is invited to perform in an informal concert. Pupils have the opportunity to perform in assembly and classes and ensembles take part in whole-school evening concerts biannually.

Instrumental Lessons

Pupils at Hurst Prep School are able to learn a wide range of musical instruments and currently about two thirds of them take individual instrumental or singing lessons.

Instruments Taught at Hurst


Flute Recorder Oboe Trombone
Bassoon French Horn Trump Piano (& Jazz Piano)
Euphonium Tuba Percussion Cello
Organ Violin Viola Saxophone
Double Bass Drum Kit Voice  
Electric Keyboard Guitar (Acoustic and Electric) Clarinet  


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