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Creative Arts

All our children are encouraged to participate in this very important aspect of school life. The extensive creative facilities on campus give our children opportunities to perform in the Bury Theatre, the Drama Studio, Dance Studio and the Music School. The creative and performing arts are highly valued.

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The Art Department is vibrant and engaging and the children love to express themselves using a variety of media. Art is highly regarded here and the children take their studies very seriously.

There is almost no end to the music making possibilities and many children have individual music tuition. There is a thriving school orchestra and a training orchestra for children who have recently started to play, and several choirs, ranging from the auditioned Chapel choir to the junior choir of all Year 3 and 4 pupils. We have an acclaimed jazz band and various ensembles. Throughout the year, formal and informal concerts provide both the more accomplished and the newer performers alike with opportunities to perform. These occasions are amongst the most special and rewarding in the school calendar.

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Drama is an important part of our curriculum provision for all children. Every child in the school has the opportunity to act in productions throughout the year. In addition we have an outstanding LAMDA Department where children can learn individually, in pairs or in small groups and take examinations, with results that are amongst the very best in the country.

Finally, exciting dance opportunities including street dance, contemporary dance and ballet are open to all and the annual Dance Showcase is another highlight of the school calendar.