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We value highly our local and global community links in Hurst Prep. We have regular Prep School charity days, organised by the children in their Houses, which raise funds to support local as well as international projects. In addition Hurst Prep also supports the College’s Charity in the summer term.

Over the past twelve months there have been a number of different fundraising activities. Bettridge’s House raised £1,750 for "Macmillan Cancer Support" by hosting a coffee morning, a “Bags of Support” charity clothes recycling project collected 880kg of clothes and over £450, and two children raised £580 for “RP fighting blindness” by spending the day blindfolded. The Prep music department also supports the Hurst festival each year.

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We work hard to communicate information to you via the school calendar, a weekly newsletter and notices in the foyer. If you wish to communicate with the school please contact the office by phone, e-mail or just drop in. If you have a concern about your child’s progress then either e-mail the form teacher or the subject teacher. He or she will either answer your query by e-mail or arrange an appointment to see you.

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Pastoral Care

We believe that good pastoral care is essential for a child to flourish and we value each child as an individual. If you have a concern or wish to inform the school of any change in circumstances at home, then please inform your child’s form teacher or Mrs Debbie Stoneley who is responsible for Pastoral Care and Discipline. This is normally done by e-mail but teachers can often be found before the start of school. If your concern is more serious, please feel free to make an appointment with Mr Pattison.

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House System

We operate a House System to encourage healthy competition and teamwork. On arrival at Hurstpierpoint College Prep School, children are allocated to one of the four houses, all named after past eminent academic staff of the College. The Houses also take it in turns to organise a Charity Day and help to create an awareness of our responsibility to the wider community. The role of the Houses in the life of the School has increased in recent years and house competition is thriving! House Masters and Mistresses take an active role in encouraging their children to strive for house points.

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Daily Routine

School opens at 8.00 am and pupils can go to their classrooms from 8.10 am. Pupils should be in school for Registration in classes at 8.25 am at the very latest. If on a particular occasion you need to leave your son or daughter before then please discuss this with Mr Oakden, the Deputy Head.

After lessons 1 and 2 there is a break and children are offered a drink, breadsticks or some fruit before they go out to play. Pupils should not bring in their own food including sweets. After lesson 3 pupils go to lunch in the College Dining Room.

On Wednesdays the afternoon is devoted to games and matches after 2.00 pm and if your son or daughter is not involved in matches he/she will be able to leave school at 4.00 pm. On Thursdays we end the day with our weekly Chapel Service, which finishes at 4.30pm.

During the afternoon children are offered a cake, or a piece of fruit and a drink. Children may go home at 4.30 pm every day unless involved in activities or staying for prep, which finishes at 5.15 or 6pm.

Pupils may stay for supper at 5.30 pm if they are staying for a play or concert but it is essential that their form teachers are told in the morning so arrangements can be made.

The school bus service leaves from the Prep school entrance at 6.15pm.

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Code of Conduct



  • Treat all property with respect.
  • Don’t ‘borrow’ other people’s things
  • If you are not sure, ask permission.
  • Listen to what people have to say. Give everyone a fair chance.
  • Don’t be judgmental.
  • Own up! Be honest.
  • Work together. There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’. 
  • Every action has a reaction.


  • Remember to say please and thank you.
  • Be polite and courteous to everyone.
  • Hold doors open for each other.
  • Make visitors feel welcome.


  • Always give 100%. Be proud to win but accept defeat graciously.
  • Work hard in class. Take pride in what you do and do it well.
  • Be considerate to those around you who are trying to learn.
  • Put your hand up and wait your turn.


  • Our school safe, welcoming, calm and inclusive.


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Hurst Parents' Association

One reason why the Prep School is so friendly is its strong Parents’ Association (HPA). This social group is invaluable and arranges and helps with a whole variety of events for pupils and parents throughout the school year. Please click here for more details.

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